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A strategy to help you achieve the next step in your career direction;
A resume that opens doors to interviews;
More confidence in your ability to express your value to employers;
Increased skill in negotiating a balance between your value and your compensation.
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OUR PROCESS strives to ensure our process is simple, comfortable, and customized for each client's unique career challenges.
At there are five simple steps in the resume process:
Service Agreement
In-depth Interview and Strategy Session

Service Agreement: When you are ready to begin, we will provide a service agreement (by email, fax or US postal service) and select a date for your in-depth phone interview. Return receipt of your signed agreement serves as confirmation of your interview appointment.

In-depth Interview: I will need your complete attention for 45-90 minutes. During the interview, you and I will identify and prioritize the valued achievements and traits that demonstrate your unique worth to prospective employers.

Our in-depth interview questions produce many quantifiable, creative responses, frequently within 24-72 hours after the interview. These afterthoughts often provide the best examples of our clientsí unique abilities. We welcome follow-up from our clients and encourage them to share these vital afterthoughts.
Writing: Normally, turnaround time for the proof draft is a maximum of five business days following receipt of your afterthoughts. Need it sooner? Let me know. Your Return on Investment will be worth the rush fee.
Review / Proofreading: After you receive and review the proof draft of your resume, we will evaluate it together to work out any bugs. Plan to spend up to 30 minutes to proofread the document with me. At the proofing session we will discuss grammar, composition, fact-checking, and our highest priority: your job-search strategy.
Together we will consider this question: Will your new resume propel prospective employers to make a decision in your favor? Getting the interview is what itís all about! In most cases, I will deliver the finalized resume via email, often within hours of our proofing session.
Results: With the dual advantage of our in-depth interview and proofing / strategizing session, the results are evident: Our clients get interviews, and they report increased confidence in their ability to convince employers of their real value. Let us help you prepare for the same level of success!
The key to success is preparation.
Work + Preparation = Success + Confidence.
"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." (Bobby Unser)

The key to success is preparation.

Preparation Leads to Success!
Your Preparation Requires:   Your Success Manifests Itself in:
defining optimal job-search targets;   interviewing well;
identifying unique strengths & value;   landing the right job in the right place;
quantifying profitable accomplishments;   achieving above-average job satisfaction;
thinking like the employer.   building confidence in work well done.
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