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Times changed when our culture went from a chicken in every pot to a PC on every desk. When Tom, Dick and Harry could afford computers, the business community received a dose of its own marketing mantra: Make the presentation attractive; make the wording memorable. Resumes morphed from typed job histories (lists of employment, sometimes including job duties) to self-promotional, self-published documents detailing both duties and profitable accomplishments.
The challenge for job seekers became threefold: You must have strong computing skills; you must describe your accomplishments objectively, without blushing; you must know what to include and what to leave out of your resume (and why).
Rare is the person who can achieve this balance of creativity and objectivity. How do savvy job seekers manage? They hire a certified, professional resume writer.
In the 19+ years of my career, these are a few of the questions that have come my way:
What sets your writing service apart?
At, we do two things very well.
1) We identify your unique value and demonstrate it to potential employers. We ask you the right questions, dig for your best answers and write the most effective documentation possible. During this process, we also develop a strategy conducive to great interview performance. We know, from years of client feedback, that the production of a well-written resume gives you excellent interview preparation and greater confidence.
2) We become your ghostwriter (n. One who writes for and gives credit of authorship to another. i ). We listen for your “voice” and research your industry buzzwords. Never again will you worry about interrupting your job interview to call your resume writer and say, “Um, what did you mean when you wrote this?”
 i The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2006 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
I’m between a rock and a hard place. HR tells me to write my own resume. They’re tired of the hype on professionally written resumes. But the resume I wrote isn’t getting me interviews. What should I do?
Hire a ghostwriter (see above). You want to work with someone who
1) understands what the reader (the employer) needs to know and
2) can the give the reader that information in your “tone of voice.” No exaggeration is necessary; just the pertinent facts, presented to the prospective employer to optimize delivery of your value proposition.
What is your specialty? What levels of candidates have you written for?
Our specialty is above-average clients. Yes, all of our clients are above average! We have written for manual laborers and CEOs; nursing assistants and physician executives; systems engineers and PMPs; telemarketers and global sales leaders. We help military personnel to transition to the corporate world and assist public-sector executives moving into the private sector. We specialize in helping our clients to make transitions, whether from one level to the next or from one career to another. We can help you, too.
Why your service? There are so many available, and they are all beginning to look the same! When I "Bing"ed the phrase "resume writer", more than 44 MILLION pages popped up. What is a job seeker to do?
You may have discovered 44 million “resume writer” pages, but there’s only ONE I’m so glad you found it!
In reality, those millions of hits illustrate what free enterprise is all about. Those 44,300,000 pages merely demonstrate that the internet has given all of us an opportunity to compete on a level playing field.
But (as the Bard would say), therein lies the rub: All resume writers are not alike. has provided high-quality, one-to-one service with scores of satisfied clients for more than 19 years (and still counting). is not a fill-in-the-blanks database website where canned questions are asked, yielding generic, one-dimensional answers. This website is solely a tool to lead you to a flesh-and-blood resume writer who cares about (and for) her clients.
Also consider:
1) Of the tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of resume writers in the US, less than 1500 belong to major professional associations. These associations set high standards for professional quality and ethics. I am proudly affiliated with, and uphold the standards of, a trio of highly regarded associations.
2) Only a portion of the writers affiliated with these groups invest the time and study to earn certifications/credentials to demonstrate the quality of their work. I have earned multiple certifications.
3) Only the highest-quality documents are selected for publication by the most esteemed authors in the employment industry. My contributions have been included in more than two dozen career books.
4) Only a handful of resume writers serve on the certifying boards in our industry. I am honored to be a long-time member of the National Certification Board for PARW/CC.
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